The Knicks had a chance at a top five pick…

By Sam Friedman

Knicks Draft Hopes

The Knicks, Nets and the Bulls are all in position to get the 7th pick in the draft. Whoever gets that pick, has a 15% chance of sliding into the top five. For those that follow college basketball, that’s probably the difference between getting Wendell Carter… to getting LUKA DONCIC

From what I’ve been reading, people are pretty polarized on the just-turned-19-year old from Slovenia. Some people think he’s got too much hype around him, some people think he’s going to be a cornerstone of a franchise.

I personally love the fit of Doncic on the Knicks. He is extremely polished for one of the younger players in the draft. He was a top 5 scorer in the Euro League (behind Alexey Shved and Nando De Colo), and has been repeatedly complimented by his maturity.

Doncic offers something that the Knicks need more desperately than oxygen. Someone to actually shoot the ball.

The Rest of The Schedule

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The Knicks have to play the Cavs in their last two games of the season. I’m perplexed to how hard the Cavs are going to compete.

If the Cavs are going to coast to the playoffs in the four seed, the Knicks are going to be in trouble. Somehow, the Nets and Bulls played each other in the 80th and 81st games of the season. Seeing as the Nets don’t have their draft selection, they have nothing to lose for. Giving the Bulls the best shot to tank into the seventh pick.

The Knicks actually tanked well this season. They have won five games since the All-Star break, seeing as on paper, without Porzingis, they are the worst team in the league. Mid-march, they beat the snot out of the Bulls and Hornets, two very bad wins. This season was not meant to be the tank we wanted, but it turned out to be the tank this city needed.


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