New York Mets: This recent stretch should have been expected

New York Mets
Mr. Met, the only consistently good thing about this team. Pretty much ever.

Look I will be the first guy to admit I was aboard the “Mets might actually be good” train. Now, I have been disrespectfully put in my place by, well, the Mets.

By: John Carroll Jr. (@jcarrollsports on Twitter)

The New York Mets might be the best team ever when it comes to making us expect something, make us change our mind, and then regressing back to what we initially expected. I say regressing because it is rarely associated with going back to something positive.

Now, the Mets started off 11-1. Who could possibly forget? They played what I would call average baseball for a few weeks after that. But once the calendar turned May, wow did things go sour.

Going into Monday nights win in Cincinnati, the Mets had lost six straight. In pretty abysmal fashion too. The loss completely sucked the life out of me. They had no offense, no pitching, could not run the bases, and all the drama for the season in that stretch. Thanks, Matt Harvey.

Beating an eight-win Reds team by a run does not solve anything. It puts them back in the win column but it is not impressive.

This current Mets team is the one we should have expected. It was difficult to see after that hot start but once the hot start ended and the winning streak was snapped, the Mets have been way more consistent.

Consistent by being okay or bad.

Let’s look at some things here. The beginning of the season is the worst time to peak, not that it doesn’t count but no team has actually gotten into a real rhythm yet. The Mets faced the twice Nationals in April. The first time, was not the best Nationals team yet. They played them again later in the month and lost the series.

The winning stretch also saw them face the Marlins who are flat out, plain and simple, horrifically bad. Once their opponents got into a groove, the Mets had no answer. Once the competition heated up they had nothing to show for it.

Now, they have won three games out of 10. That is not good baseball.

Of course, the blazing start was great. It was even historic for the Mets. But I think it blinded us from the reality. Going into the season I did not think the Mets were going to make the playoffs. After April 15th, it looked like they were going to the World Series.

Now, there are many question marks surrounding this team. No one knows if they will heat up or keep stinking. Who are the real 2018 Mets? We have seen the best and the worst from them and it is only May 8th. What will the team be like when they are actually in a longer stretch?

This team has a rookie manager, two aces, a deep but always banged up outfield, a mixture of experience in the infield, no competent/healthy catcher, half a bullpen who could not make it as starters, and two relief pitchers who are natural closers. That is such a bizarre mixture of talent.

The Mets were bound to fizzle out and not be able to all be on the same page, just look at their roster.

It is upsetting where they stand right now. Yes, they can turn things around. However, where they are right now and how they have been playing should have been the true expectation through it all.

But considering how far away this team has gone from my expectations all year long, I have no idea what to expect now. I guess that is why they play the games and why I love covering them.

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