New York Mets: what is the best part about the hot start?

New York Mets
Mr. Met. The best mascot in New York

The New York Mets have an off night today and sit at 10-1. That is not a typo. It is also the best start for them ever. A lot of things are going perfectly for the blue and orange but what is the best part?

The New York Mets might be the “best” team right now. However, the word “best” has a very vague definition. But right now, by most societal standards, the New York Metropolitans are the “best” team in baseball. It is a fact they currently have the “best” record.

Now, there are a plethora of things that the Mets are doing a fantastic job of right now. The pitching rotation is holding up, the bullpen is striking out the side while making it look easy, and the offense refuses to die.

To put into perspective how well everything is going, Hansel Robles has two wins. TWO. The guy who used to point up after giving up like 293958-foot bombs has two wins out of the bullpen already. If that does not tell you how well the starts are aligned right now then nothing will.

So, with so much going well, and the Mets being the “best,” what is the best part of this magical run to begin the season?

The starting pitching staff is a popular choice. Matt Harvey, Noah Syndergaard, Steven Matz, Jacob deGrom, and Zack Wheeler all have made at least a start and look solid.

Yoenis Cespedes has hit a brick wall in terms of his production but is still grinding through it to make clutch hits late in games and he is important.

Michael Conforto, the de-facto future of the franchise, has come back ahead of schedule and not skipped a beat.

There is a long list of ideal things.

However, to me, the “best” part about the season is how far the Mets ahead are in the learning curve for how MLB lineups will look in the future. It is easy to look at how well the players are playing but at the end of the day, Mickey Callaway might be a genius.

His usage of the bullpen has been flawless. His odd, unconventional, and often head-scratching batting lineups have worked to near perfection. To me, he has to be the best thing so far.

If you look at some teams, starters are going less into games and there is more bullpen usage. The position players are beginning to get more days off. Callaway also pays close attention to detail.

His logic on when to start lefty or righty batters or pitchers against players of the same or different as them is honestly, quite complicated but it is very effective. It has all also worked.

Having a solid identity in how he wants to manage is amazing.

Having it all come to fruition already is the “best” thing about the Mets team and their hot start.

The game’s destiny is to change. Mickey Callaway is going to make his opponents catch up to this change sooner then they hoped.

Keep it up Mets!

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