New York Knicks: How The Upcoming Draft has Become One of The Most Important

new york knicks
David Fizdale, New Head Coach of the New York Knicks

The New York Knicks feel like they are once again in a rebuild. As gloomy as things look, this draft can change everything.

By: John Carroll Jr. (@jcarrollsports on Twitter)

The New York Knicks are either the worst tankers in the history of the NBA or they are actually this flat out lost in finding an identity. It is probably both. Anyway, that is why the upcoming 2018 NBA Draft is, once again, a great place to look for a fresh start.

The Knicks have not had much luck in the draft lottery recently. If you are a member of the Garden faithful, I suggest you do not look it up. They have not exactly been given the best opportunities to go out and get a top one or two prospect.

Whether it be poor trading away, failure to acquire, or flat out bad luck, the Knicks always seem to have to settle for a mediocre pick or no first round pick at all. To make things worse, the only real draft steal of recent memory off the top of my head is Kristaps Porzingis. Naturally, he is currently out for a while with a knee injury.

But, now, after the hiring of David Fizdale, there is a breath of fresh air for the New York Knicks. Although they once again have a very slim chance to get a top-three pick, Fizdale can give them direction.

If the Knicks were smart, which let’s be real here, they would Fizdale go out and get the guy he thinks will fit his system and mindset. They need to actually be in on him. They need to let him use this draft to give the Knicks some sort of identity.

More importantly, the Knicks need to let him hire a player he can get along with. Considering Fizdale was canned for clashing with a star player in Memphis, this can give him a chance to not only deal with inherited players but get one he won’t bicker with.

The Fizdale hiring is one I am still trying to fully understand. Considering how many otehr candidates they interviewed, why him? This does not mean I am saying I do not like it I am just curious. A coach who had a problem with a star player in star-driven league is not the most encouraging red flag.

That is why this draft is so important for the Knicks. They simply need to improve. Get better on defense, essentially everywhere else and the new coach needs a kid he can work with.

Now, it is the Knicks. However, there is no reason to believe that every new guy can’t FINALLY be the right guy. Am I right?

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