New York Jets: Sam Darnold drafted into the perfect situation

Sam Darnold. New Jets QB.

The New York Jets strike gold by picking Sam Darnold but they are in an even better situation then it seems.

By: John Carroll Jr.

The New York Jets selected Sam Darnold with the number 3 pick in the NFL Draft on Thursday night. Now that I have slept on it, and round 2 is underway as we speak, this is a perfect situation for both the new gunslinger and the team.

When the Jets traded with the Colts to move up just three spots in the order, the writing on the wall screamed that it was to get a franchise quarterback. Now, that becomes the exact case.

Gang Green’s moves in the offseason sort of set the tone that they were going to get a QB who was not exactly NFL ready from day one. If the Jets knew they were going to get a QB did why did they re-sign Josh McCown and bring in Teddy Bridgewater?

I would say it is because the Jets did not expect to get Darnold. They were probably planning on getting someone who can backup to McCown for a year. However, even though it was only the third overall pick, Darnold fell to them.

Regardless, this puts the Jets in a perfect situation. I think it would be foolish for the Jets to not start Darnold in week 1. He is NFL ready now and has all the skill set that includes being ready for a big market.

However, even if they choose to start McCown that still will not hurt Darnold. He might not be happy with starting on the bench but McCown is a great person to learn from.

If he does start, there is not going to be too much pressure on him because of the same reason. The Jets will still have McCown or Bridgewater and the worse that happens is he fails and goes to the bench to learn.

Either way, the Jets have a QB. Also, either way, Sam Darnold can just go out and play and be himself.

There is no way of knowing if the Jets actually thought they were going to get Darnold. There is also no way of knowing if Darnold is going to be the guy.

What I do know is this, there is room for error either way. No matter what, the Jets can truly develop Darnold or have his craft be perfected with the help of a veteran. Both are good for Sam and both help the Jets.

The NFL Draft is supposed to be a day that changes the direction of a franchise. In 2018 so far, the draft changed the Jets from a joke to an almost complete team. That is scary for their opposition.

As a Bills fan, this scares me. As someone who has the chance to see the entire career of someone potentially great, good luck Sam.

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