Easter themed metaphor perfect for 2018 Islanders draft approach

Islanders Draft Approach
2018 NHL Draft Logo.

It is officially time for me to think about the Islanders’ draft approach. They have been eliminated from the NHL Playoffs once again. As recent games are showing they also have no interest in playing spoiler.

By: John Carroll Jr

I have a perfect Easter themed metaphor for how the Isles should approach their draft this year: They should “put all their eggs in one basket.” Basically, the saying is that they should take a risk and go all-in.

I think that makes a lot of sense. The future of John Tavares is up in the air. He will test the free agent market and very well could walk.

Garth Snow, the team’s GM for what is way too long now, continues to show ineptitude that I have never seen before.

Also, a reason why the Isles “should put all their eggs in one basket” is that they did not have a first-round selection last year due to the Golden Knights trade “for expansion considerations”. They also traded their then best defensive player Travis Hamonic. Of course, the latter part would backfire right away.

Anyway, the Isles will now have two first-round picks this year. Regardless of where those picks fall, that is a beautiful thing. Although I have zero ounces of confidence that Garth Snow will do something smart or effective with the picks, he can still do one thing…

Trade both first rounders and more for the highest possible pick he can get this year.

By doing so, he can set up the team with a future more clear. With Tavares possibly leaving, Mat Barzal is going to need someone to compete with for the future of the team. A really high touted pick would accomplish that task.

Even if they “put all their eggs in one basket” on a player not NHL ready it will give them something to help hype up  for a few years before the move to Belmont Park which now feels insignificant.

By 100% risking it all and going all in for a guy who they think can be the next John Tavares or even a shell of him would be awesome to see for Isles fans. Snow has historically done nothing I’m personally proud of and did nothing to improve at the deadline this year when the Isles were still alive.

It has gone too far. The losing, the Barclays Center is bad for hockey, the lack of support given to Tavares. All of it. The ineptitude with the front office of the team has gone too far. The only great thing they did was get the aforementioned arena in Belmont done but that is years away anyway.

So, New York Islanders, please go all in for the draft. Give up both first rounders and then some for the highest pick possible and get your guy. Do something to shock the world and give your fans something of significance to look forward to.

Put “all your eggs in one basket,” please surprise me for once.

Happy Easter to everyone except Garth Snow! He’ll get his  happy easter from me if he makes me change my mind about him.

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