Knicks lose to Cavs, Bulls mess everything up

The Bulls

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At one point this season, the Bulls were actually playing coherent basketball. They won seven games in a row, with people named, Paul Zipser, getting decent minutes.

They also took so many losses in a row in November and December, it was like Meek Mill in 2015. This team has had a roller coaster of a season, but have some interesting young pieces.

Now, when the Bulls need to win just one game, they lose back to back games to the Nets and solidified themselves with the 7th pick in the draft. I know it seems like I’m just crying over spilled milk, but I just want more options for the Knick’s front office to mess up this pick.

In this extremely deep draft class, the one guy that’s going to bust will fall to wherever the Knicks are pickingĀ (Trae Young has that bust potential smell all over him).

The Draft Pick

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Not Pictured: Pitt player with broken ankles

I’m excited to see what the Knicks do with this draft pick. I think there are a few ways the team can go, and interesting hypothetical is, the Knicks trade the pick 8th pick with a package of players for Kemba Walker. I’m not an expert, but that would probably put some butts in the seats.

The Kemba/Kristaps pick and pop, would be something to marvel at. I went to ‘Cuse, so it pains me to root for Kemba after hating him for the 13 years he played at UConn, but I’ll buy a jersey if I have to!

Walker is from the Bronx, has an all-time highlight in MSG, and would be an amazing addition to the Knicks. He would be able to help the maturity of Frank Ntilikina, he would provide a much needed three-point shooter, and someone to take the final shot.

Walker will go down as one the most underrated players in NBA history, due to how deep the point guard position has been the last decade. He has never made an all-NBA team and has made the All-Star game twice.

Kemba on the Knicks would be a match made for the Garden.


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