Islanders being officially eliminated exposes how big Tavares contract problem is

John Tavares contract decision
John Tavares of the New York Islanders. Image found through Google Image Search

The John Tavares contract issue is now the Isles’ biggest concern!! I almost say this with grace but the New York Islanders are officially eliminated from the NHL playoffs.

By: John Carroll Jr.

John Tavares has still not signed on the dotted line to remain with the New York Islanders long-term. It is awful in basically every sense of the phrase. With the team officially eliminated from the playoffs after a recent stretch of losses, there are much bigger stories now.

The biggest elephant in the room is now the fact that John Tavares has not signed a long-term contract extension. The man is due to become a free agent this offseason and that might be the Isles’ worse nightmare.

The Isles are mathematically out! Not unofficially out which it was in like December but officially eliminated. Now John Tavares signing elsewhere becomes the first thing I think of.

Honestly, he should walk. The Islanders have undoubtedly tried to keep him happy by constantly bringing in players but they are still hard to watch.

Yes, the new arena set to go up in Belmont Park is fine and dandy but what good will that do if the team is still this bad. But that is more or less my point.

By missing the playoffs yet again, it shows this team is not ready to contend anytime soon. John Tavares needs to keep that in mind when negotiating a contract.

Sure the New York Islanders are the only team who can give him an 8-year contract. But why should he even want that at this point in his career?

Tavares is not exactly young. He does not need a full 8 years. He should be focused on winning now. New York’s blue and orange hockey team has already wasted years of his talent. He should not allow it to keep happening.

I’m not saying John Tavares is 100% going to be wearing another sweater next season. I am by far not saying I want him too. Losing Tavares would be the worst thing to happen to this franchise since the god-awful years before they had him.

But the official math is out, the Isles are eliminated from the playoffs. Now it becomes very apparent that re-signing him is going to be difficult. It is now the only thing to worry about for Islander faithful.

Will be interesting to see what Tavares does with his contract. Much to the chagrin of the Islanders front office, the ball is 100% in his court.


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