How the Odell Beckham Drama Low-Key changes the Giants’ Draft Approach

New York Giants Odell Beckham Drama
Odell Beckham of the New York Giants. Image found in Google Image search

The Odell Beckham drama can change the Giants’ approach to the 2018 draft and their number two overall pick.

By: John Carroll Jr.

The Odell Beckham drama is sweeping through the Big Apple!

The writing on the wall is screaming that the New York Giants will not move in the draft and will stay put. Despite them having at least a year left with Eli and a high demand for QBs this year, trading their pick is not smart.

But now, there is an argument that exists for doing so. In light of all the recent Odell Beckham drama, big blue can blow this draft and next year’s wide open.

With reports surfacing that the Giants first said they won’t trade him to now demanding two first rounders, is interesting. The Giants now proposed an asking price of at least two first round picks. That completely negates the report that they won’t trade him.

Of course, it will be a surprise if the new Giants regime parted ways with Odell. It would also be much to the chagrin of all the fans. But for two first rounders, it might be worth to listen.

Here is how it affects the draft. The Giants can give Odell and their second to move back into the first this year and get a first in 2019. Plus a plethora of other picks. That is two firsts.

Or in an even better scenario, they can keep two, trade Odell, get another team’s first round pick this year, and another next year. That means they get three firsts in two years.

Yes, there are a ton of moving parts here. It is also all speculation and what I think makes sense.

The G-Men can draft a QB at two or even Saquon Barkley. However, I don’t think anyone can tell me it does not make sense to load up on picks by trading OBJ and replacing him at the very latest next season through the draft with all the picks they would acqurie.

Just because the drama will be calmed down by draft day does not mean other teams will forget all this drama. On draft day they were going to receive offers anyway just for pick 2 alone. Now, they will get offers for OBJ too.

Does it make sense to trade a player of immense talent who has technically never done anything illegal in his prime? No, it does not.

But does it make sense to trade a wide-out who can’t stay out of a negative light if a team offers their future just for him? That does make sense.

Odell is a talented dude. He is a baller on the field but sometimes a little too much off of it.

But in terms of the draft, the Giants now have Odell and pick 2 as bait for other teams.

So, Mr. Gettleman, pick up your phone I guarantee its ringing.

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