Eddie’s Corner Week 1: A new dynasty is on the horizon

By Eddie Sapienza

First off before we get into any baseball talk I want to welcome all of you to my new website Eddie’s Corner. Here at Eddie’s Corner we are going to provide you the reader with fresh and opinionated contact from what our writers truly think. We have a great staff and I am sure you all will enjoy our content. Let’s get started.

Well, last season certainly did not end as I hoped but the Yankees went farther than I ever could have hoped. Coming off a 2016 campaign mired in mediocrity their was lots of hope for a new era with the new, young Baby Bombers. And they did not disappoint. A rebuilding team made it to the ALCS. Now, whatever some angry Red Sox fan is going to say, “Oh, how are you rebuilding if you still have such a high payroll?” That is just clear jealousy. Well, we all know what happened in the ALCS and now we are here with the reigning MVP Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge teaming up to be the most feared outfield duo in the league. Incoming hot take:

I will be disappointed if the Yankees do not at least make the ALCS for likely another amazing duel with the Astros. A 91-win team in 2017 that added the reigning NL MVP needs to have higher expectations than the previous year right? That’s what I think and even though the season is unpredictable, with decent health an ALCS should be at least in reach with hopefully World Series on the brain.

If you want to compare this to the 1990’s dynasty go ahead. Let’s compare the 2017 Yankees to the 1995 Yankees or a non-Yankee team the 2015 Cubs. And you know what those teams did the following year. A new dynasty is beginning in the Bronx with 2017 the preview and 2018 starting the next great Yankee dynasty.

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