3 Things You’ll Learn From Baseball in the Bronx this Season

1. How far a baseball can be humanly hit...

Yeah, you knew this one was coming. Whether we are talking about batting practice or in game, this is gonna be insane. All the attention is going to Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton, and for good reason. Lets make it simple, they both led their respective leagues in home runs, and are both respectively giants.

But lets not leave Gary Sanchez out of the equation. Sanchez’s average home run carried 416 feet in 2017, right alongside the averages of Judge (412) and Stanton (418). No one is safe when these three dudes are at the plate; keep your head on a swivel looking for incoming baseballs.

2. What bullpen dominance looks like….

Maybe we know what this looks like already. In fact we do. We are Yankee fans, and for anyone who’s been following the team since the beginning of the dynasty run, they haven’t seen a bad bullpen. First we watched Mariano Rivera closing games from 1997 to 2013. Not much to say, he’s the greatest of all time. Mix in during his tenure the likes of David Robertson and Dellin Betances, those bullpens were phenomenal. Then in the post-Mariano years we saw Robertson, Betances, Andrew Miller and Aroldis Chapman in pinstripes over time, this group year after year, even in down years for the Yankees were all-time good.

Now lets talk last year. This is a bullpen that ended the year with the lowest batting average against and the highest WAR. Enough said.
In a 2018 with a full year of service of Chad Green, David Robertson and Tommy Kahnle, this can be unreal. Look for the Yankees to shorten games each and every night making use of their depth. Like the Yankees new commercial reads, “They bring the heat.” I have a feeling they will bring the wins too.

3. How to be the bad guys again…

The evil empire is back. No longer are we the fun, young and upcoming team in Major League Baseball. Our hopeful run towards a pennant won’t be a miracle or early. No. We are once again the evil empire.

Once we traded for Giancarlo Stanton and picked up his absurd 10 plus year deal, we no longer were viewed as a young team built from the farm system. While this is really still true, with a lot of focal pieces of the roster being home grown, the Stanton signing nullified that idea. Every other team hates us, every other fan bass hates us, and frankly that’s how it should be. This is why we love being Yankee fans, we love winning and being the best.

The evil empire is back and maybe better than ever.

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